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With a budget of around €200 you can buy a small starter drone, that is, a micro drone called the Cetus Kit, which comes pre-built, ready to fly. It may seem like a big investment, but it is important to understand that at first you have to buy some products that you will use for a long time, such as batteries, a battery charger, a radio control and goggles.


If you want to start with something more intermediate, the budget will increase depending on your requirements and also the technology (analogue/digital).

The simplest solution is to buy a pre-built FPV drone – ready to go, no assembly needed. Check out our different pre-built kits for beginners, beginner cinematic, advanced cinematic and freestyle.


If you do want to build your own drone you’ll need:


• Motors

• Electronic speed control

• Flight controller

• The drone frame

• Propellers

• Batteries

• Connectors

• Camera 

• Gimbal

• A mounting pad

• A micro SD card

• An RC receiver

Yes! You can contact us using WhatsApp or the contact page on our website. The repair cost will be determined on an individual basis. 

If you decide to not buy one of our ready-built kits, you can build and customize your own. Just be aware that building a drone from scratch can be rather challenging since you need to solder many small/fragile pieces, and you need deep knowledge of how to connect different parts to each other (like motors, esc, etc.) You will also need to program the various elements in order for the drone to work (like camera, VTX etc.) 

If you still would like a custom built drone, we offer custom drone builds and repair services. Feel free to reach out through WhatsApp if you are interested! 

Absolutely. Please contact us and specify which drone parts you want to include in your custom assembled drone. We can also give recommendations based on your flying style what drone you want to build. We charge for the cost of the drone parts and a super attractive assembly fee of only €45 to build it!

Most drones do not include a mount for GoPro cameras. The mount differs both depending on which GoPro you have and the drone you use. Here’s a list of GoPro drone mounts on Thingiverse that you can 3D print. All our other accessories are listed here

We keep our stock in Portugal, but ship to all European countries and you should have it 3-8 days depending on the country.


We pride ourselves on getting the products to you as soon as possible, no matter where in Europe you are!


Shipping times:

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Rest of europe – From 3 to 8 days delivery depending on contry


If you still do not receive the products you purchased after 10 days, please contact us.

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