Flight Styles

Flying drones isn’t just about moving from point A to point B. Nope, it’s way more fun than that! It’s all about style, how you fly, what you do mid-air, and the kind of experiences you want to capture. In this article, we’re going to delve into the different flight styles in FPV drone flying.


Freestyle is like the ultimate expression of freedom in drone flight. It’s all about stunts, flips, rolls, dives, and spins – and doing it all with a flair that’s uniquely yours. With a freestyle drone, usually a 5-inch or a 3.5-inch, you can play around and experiment, letting your creativity run wild.

You aren’t racing against the clock or capturing specific footage; you’re simply enjoying the pure thrill of flight. Although you could technically use a cinewhoop for freestyle, a lighter and more agile drone will let you perform those mind-bending maneuvers with greater ease.


If you love speed, then racing is for you. Flying a racing drone is all about precision and control as you zip through a designated course filled with gates and flags. Typically, pilots use light, powerful drones for racing, often in the 5-inch or smaller categories. These drones are built for speed and can take a few hits without falling apart.

Long Range

With a long-range drone, you can explore vast landscapes from a unique perspective. The goal is to fly far and fly efficiently, so you’ll be using steady throttle management to extend your flight times and distances. For this style, larger drones like 7-inch or even bigger are usually preferred.

They have longer flight times and can carry larger battery packs, enabling you to venture further. You can also perform mid to long range with other drones, for example 5 inch and cinewhoops but you won´t get the same fly time than with a 7 inch drone


Cinematic flying is your go-to style if you see the world through a filmmaker’s lens. Using either a cinewhoop, a cinelifter, or even a freestyle drone, you can capture breathtaking footage from unique perspectives.

While cinewhoops and cinelifters are designed for smooth, slow flights and professional-level videography, freestyle drones can also come in handy when filming high-paced action scenes due to their speed and agility. They can zip and zoom, adding a dynamic thrill to your videos.

Whether you’re capturing vast landscapes, flying through tight spaces, chasing cars, or filming intense action sequences, cinematic flying is all about telling a captivating story through the air.

What's best for you?

Whether you’re into racing, freestyle, long-range flying, or capturing cinematic footage, there’s a style and a drone for you. Remember, the drone type you choose should complement your preferred flying style. But don’t feel restricted! Feel free to try different styles and drones to find what suits you best.

Now that you know the different flight styles, why not check out our next article? It’s all about the equipment you need for your FPV drone. From controllers to goggles, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy your flight journey, and as always, fly safe!

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