How to get started

There are many ways to start in FPV, but as you’ve probably seen already flying a drone requires a lot of practice and skill and crashing a drone on your first flight without previous training is almost a certain! So how can you avoid crashing in your first flight?

We have the answer for that! Let’s dive into the best ways to get started in FPV.

Learn the FPV Basics

Before getting your hands on the gear, it’s important to understand what FPV is all about. We’ve put together a detailed article covering all the basics of FPV. It’s the perfect starting point for your FPV journey. Check it out here to get a solid understanding of what FPV involves.

Select the Right Equipment

Choosing the right gear is crucial when you’re starting out. Essential items for FPV flying include a drone, a controller, FPV goggles, a simulator for practice, and batteries. If you want to learn more about FPV material we have dedicated articles that you can find here

To make this step easier for you, we’ve created beginner kits that contain everything you need to dive into FPV. Our simulator kit, for instance, includes a top quality controller, the TBS Tango II, and also a simulator, UncrashedFPV, and some extras as well. This is the perfect combination for initial practice sessions and avoid crashes in your first real flights!

For those who are ready to leap into real-world flying, we also offer complete kits. These come equipped with a drone, goggles, controller, charger, and batteries – everything you need to get flying!

Practice with a Simulator

Once you’ve got your gear, the best place to start is with a simulator. A simulator allows you to get a feel for the controller and understand basic maneuvers in a risk-free environment. Gradual, consistent practice is key to mastering the art of FPV flying.

Venture into the Real World

After getting comfortable with the simulator, it’s time to try out your skills with a real drone. Start in a wide, obstacle-free space, and take your time. It’s okay to have a few crashes – they’re part of the learning curve!

Keep Learning and Upgrading

FPV technology is always advancing. As you grow in your FPV journey, continue to learn, experiment, and upgrade your gear. You might even start customizing your drone to suit your specific needs, like racing or videography.

Your FPV journey begins with understanding the basics, choosing the right gear, practicing, and connecting with the community. Our beginner and complete kits have been designed to make your entry into the FPV world as smooth as possible. Check them out here

But that’s not all. Another key factor in your FPV journey is knowing the different types of drones available in the market, as this will greatly influence your flying style and the type of FPV experiences you might enjoy. We’ve got just the right article here that gives an in-depth view of various drone types.

So, put on those goggles, power up your drone, and get ready to fly!

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