A Little About Us...


Hello! We are a couple living in Lisbon who love traveling the world. We first got into the FPV drones in 2019 after feeling like photographs and steady drone footage were simply not enough to capture the life and beauty of the places we were visiting. If you love FPV drones as much as we do, whether it’s to fly freestyle, race or film cinematic videos, you’ve come to the right place. 

My FPV World was created to help the FPV drone hobby and sport grow in Lisbon. Since then we have grown to accommodate Portugal, Spain and now all of Europe. We want to connect people across countries, and want to inspire beginners to join our FPV World.

Our hope is to push FPV technology forward, which is why we are one of the first FPV stores in Europe to offer next generation electronics. Some examples are all-in-one stacks by HGLRC and ECS that connect to wifi. Now that’s what we call innovation!

We also believe that FPV products should be accessible to everyone, which is why we guarantee that our prices will be lower than any other FPV store in Europe. If you find products on our site that are more expensive than a vetted European FPV store, we will reduce our prices to fulfill our price guarantee.

My FPV World, above all, wants you to taste the freedom of flight. Join our online community on Instagram @myfpvworld and tag us in your flights. We will be more than happy to share your successes and crashed out our incredible community of FPV pilots.

Thank you for believing in and supporting this FPV community, as we always say... the sky is the limit!