DC5 HD 230mm 5inch - Ready to sky

Freestyle 3K Carbon Fiber Frame with 5mm Arm, 5 Inch Propeller Digital FPV System, DC5, 230mm FPV


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Full 3K carbon fiber fuselage.
Easy arm swaps
Wheelbase 230mm 139g ± 5
Popular Deadcat style configuration, no accessories in sight
Fits 30.5x and 20x batteries


Type: 5″ FPV frame for Freestyle.
Frame wheel base: 230mm
Frame weight: 139g approx.
Spacer: M3*25mm(4 pcs) M3*32mm(4 pcs)
5mm thick, 11.3mm wide arms, 1.5mm vertical side plates
2mm top, top and bottom plate
Mounting holes: 30.5*30.5mm/20*20mm
Chamber size: 19*19mm 22*22mm
Recommended motors: 22xx, 23xx

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