ViFly Smart Smoke Stopper - Short Saver

VIFLY ShortSaver 2 Smart Smoke Stopper Electronic Fuse to Prevent Short-Circuit & Over-Current for FPV Racing RC Drone


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VIFLY ShortSaver 2 is an electronic fuse (eFuse)  smoke stopper. It can provide complete protection against the short-circuit and over-current. Compared with automotive light-bulb or polyfuse products, VIFLY ShortSaver 2 is safer and more reliable. It would turn off the power to a device that drew in excess of the threshold within just 3ms(15ms). In addition, VIFLY ShortSaver 2 can cut the current completely while others still have leakage current.


– Plug the battery into the ShortSaver 2 firstly, the yellow led is on that means the ShortSaver 2 is ready to work.

lShort press 1A/2A button to select the 1A or 2A current threshold. We recommend using 1A option for most of your RC builds .

– Connect ShortSaver 2 with your device, then short press the POWER ON/OFF button. If the green led is on, it means your build is normal. If the green led is off and red led is on, it means your device is short-circuit or over-current and ShortSaver 2 gets into the overload protection status.

– Short press the POWER ON/OFF button to turn on/off the power.

– Long press to get into the trip time setting mode, short press to change different trip time and long press again to save the setting.

LED Indication

Red LED Status
× Normal
Short or over-current


Green LED Status
× Power off
Power on
Blue LED Status
× 1A current threshold
2A current threshold
Yellow LED Status
Ready to work
1 blink 3ms(short-circuit)  15ms(over-current)
2 blinks 5ms(short-circuit)  20ms(over-current)
3 blinks 7ms(short-circuit)  30ms(over-current)


Size (L x W x H): 48 x 30 x 10mm

Connector:  XT30 & XT60 (input and output)

Switchable current threshold: 1A / 2A

Trip time: 3ms(short-circuit)  15ms(over-current)

Input Voltage: 7-25V (2-6S)

Package Included:

1* VIFLY ShortSaver 2


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