x4 Leds + Board Set For Drone FPV



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In stock


With the demand for LED light bar through the machine, an LED control module with independent power supply and independent control is introduced. in combination with WS2812 light bar, LED flashing, blinking, running water, and gradual mode switching can be realized (no signal is needed for flight control.)),there are 7 kinds of switching colors for each mode. easy to install, simple and reliable.
Operating voltage: 2-6 S
Input current: less than 1A
Output voltage: + 5V
Output current: 3A
maximum number of LEDs: 4 channels
number of outputs: 4
Single Controllable LED Number: 8
Switching mode: Manual Button
Mode: 30 types

Package Includes:
1X LEVOU control board
4X 3P * 1.0 MM line plug
1X 28AWG*100MM red line
1X 28AWG * 100 MM black line

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cinewhoop, freestyle, long range, racing


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