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Marcus Bronstein
Marcus Bronstein
A M A Z I N G customer service. Besides talking to people that REALLY understand about and love drones, they are very responsive and willing to help and answer questions. Best customer service I have seen for long time. 5 starts is simply not enough
Pedro Malaia (PutTheCream)
Pedro Malaia (PutTheCream)
5 stars for my friends at myfpvworld we were in need of such a shop with nice quality products and the best aftersale i even seen on internet :d congrats
António Henriques
António Henriques
A melhor loja de drones FPV em Portugal! Excelente Atenção ao Cliente e Rapidez nas Entregas. Sou novo no FPV e esclareceram-me rapidamente todas as dúvidas que tinha, removendo inclusivamente artigos desnecessários que tinha encomendado e alterando outros que não faziam sentido. Os meus parabéns pelo serviço e dedicação.
Paulo Silva (TheBigIdea)
Paulo Silva (TheBigIdea)
Melhor loja para quem queira comprar/montar um drone FPV, até ao pormenor da própria embalagem, rapidez de envio, e o melhor é o serviço pós venda, sempre disponível com soluções em vez de entraves. Experiência 10⭐.
Dewald Brand
Dewald Brand
Such a good find for FPV, especially here in Lisbon! Extremely fast and efficient service, always willing to help at all times with any questions. Highly recommended!

Kits for Professionals Filmmakers Beginners Newbies Everyone

Pro Cinematic Analog Kit – Protek35

The Analog Supreme Kit – Evoque F5D

GEPRC TinyGo 4k – Starter Kit

Summary: GEPRC Happy to announce a new member of our family “ TinyGO” Ready To Fly Kit which is suitable for any novice from scratch and Indoor flight. Through a great number of tests, Better technical indexes

Longer Flight FPV Pilot Compact Drone

Are you ready to feel the adrenaline of FPV drones for more than 10 minutes? With this drone you will have the best of 2 worlds, Freestyle and Long range, all in one kit + Foldable Kolas

939.99 1,509.99 
The Outdoor Explorer Mark5

You’re ready for a drone that will give you UNLIMITED freedom. Freestyle or cinematic shots, this drone can do it ALL. In fact, this is our all-time-favorite kit because there’s nothing it can’t do. 

949.99 1,519.99 
Multipurpose Cinematic BlueCat35

If you want to be a TOP cinematic FPV Pilot, then stop right there—this is the ONLY kit you need. It includes the best products on the market, including DJI goggles, BlueCat35 and TBS Tango controller.  

959.99 1,529.99 
Digianalog Kit

Do you have the Digital DJI Goggles but still want to fly analog drones? Then this kit is perfect for you! Simply add the DigitAnalog Module to your goggles to fly ANY analog drone in your collection